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John Brosio, Dinosaurs Eating CEO, 2013.

Jeff Turmes, Happy Hour.

»Every bartender in town knows my baby’s name.«

Annie Leibovitz, Anjelica Huston, 1985.

Annie Leibovitz, Anjelica Huston, 1985.

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Irving Penn, Summer Sleep, 1949.

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Endlich Wochenende.

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The best of 2013. 

Ein ferner und entferner, gewiss auch nur vager, Gastbeitrag zum Phänomen der #RKOI von Richard Rorty (1996), »Looking Backwards from the Year 2096«in: ders., Philosophy and Social Hope, London u.a. 1999: Penguin Books, S. 243 ff.:

»Our long, hesitant, painful recovery, over the last five decades, from the breakdown of democratic institutions during the Dark Years (2014 - 2044) has changed our political vocabulary, as well as our sense of the relation between the moral order and the economic order. Just as twentieth-century Americans had trouble imagining how their pre-Civil War ancestors could have stomached slavery, so we at the end of the twenty-first century have trouble imagining how our great-grandparents could have legally permitted a CEO to get 20 times more than her lowest paid employees. We cannot understand how Americans a hundred years ago could have tolerated the horrific contrast between a childhood spent in the suburbs and one spent in the ghettos. Such inequalities seem to us evident moral abominations, but the vast majority of our ancestors took them to be regrettable necessities. […]

Here, in the late twenty-first century, as talk of fraternity and unselfishness has replaced talk of rights, American political discourse has come to be dominated by quotations from Scripture and literature, rather than from political theorists or social scientists. Fraternity, like friendship, was not a concept that either philosophers or lawyers knew how to handle. They could formulate principles of justice, equality and liberty, and invoke these principles when weighing hard moral or legal issues. But how to formulate a ‘principle of fraternity’? Fraternity is an inclination of the heart, one that produces a sense of shame at having much when others have little. It is not the sort of thing that anybody can have a theory about or that people can be argued into having. […]

The Democratic Vistas Party, the coalition of trade unions and churches that toppled the military dictatorship in 2044, has retained control of Congress by successfully convincing the voters that its opponents constitute ‘the parties of selfishness’. The traditional use of ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ in union locals and religious congregations is the principal reason why ‘fraternity’ (or, among purists, ‘siblinghood’) is now the name of our most cherished ideal.

In the first two centuries of American history Jefferson’s use of rights had set the tone for political discourse, but now political argument is not about who has the right to what but about what can best prevent the re-emergence of hereditary castes - either racial or economic. The old union slogan ‘An injury to one is an injury to all’ is now the catch phrase of American politics. ‘Solidarity is Forever’ and ‘This Land is Your Land’ are sung at least as often as ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’.«


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Frieda's Mix from weekendtape on 8tracks Radio.

Mit Badalamenti als Opener kann auch kaum was schief gehen. Ein sehr schöner Start in fünf Wochen Freiheit und Westküste. Dank und Gruß an Kool Kat und Frieda.


My lovely Frieda made this fabulous friendstape, not only for me but for you too!

I’m hurt bad (Industrial Symphony) Angelo Badalamenti // Blue Moon Jo Stafford // Green Onions Booker T.& The MG’s //  Make me yours Ann Peebles //  This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You) The Isley Brothers // Dancing in the Street Mick Jagger & David Bowie // Safety Dance J Dilla // Johnny and Mary Robert Palmer // Yang Yang Anika // Papermill Madvillain // Drüben auf dem Hügel Tocotronic // Never Go Pop Madvillain // Andere Ufer Tocotronic // Anxiety Attac Jeffrey Lewis

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Noble panties.

Jonathan Smith, Trees in Fog, California, 2009.

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