I <3 Hermès.

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I guess I don’t want to talk about the uncertainty inherent in the life of every human being. I mean, some human beings lead quite certain, predictable lives. People in traditional societies. People in such miserable conditions that they have to work 14 hours a day and sleep the rest. You know, there isn’t much uncertainty around.

I think the uncertainty in the sense in which philosopohers dramatize uncertrainty is a luxury. It’s the kind of thing you can deliberatly induce in yourself for the sheer thrill of it by reading lots of books and being uncertain about which of them to believe.

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Warren Zevon, Genius.

Albert Einstein was a ladies’ man
While he was working on his universal plan
He was making out like Charlie Sheen
He was a genius

Sehr hübsche Aschenbecher II.

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Avery Singer, Saturday Night, 2013.

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Brock Davis.

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Abreisen. Von wo und wie.

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Da Sein.

Da Sein.

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Ernst Haas, Communication, Nevada, 1962.

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Louis Faurer, George Barrows in Robert Frank’s Loft, New York 1947.

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